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No more Excel, pen, and paper. Manage multiple social media accounts easily and automatically with PostLab.

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1 social account
1 Workspace
1 user
99K / month
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3 social accounts
3 Workspaces
3 users
249K / month
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6 social accounts
6 Workspaces
6 users
399K / month
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10 social accounts
10 Workspaces
10 users
599K / month
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30 social accounts
30 Workspaces
30 users
1,299K / month
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Managing more than 30 accounts?
Contact PostLab for the best price
You can pay monthly, 6 months (5% discount), or 12 months (20% discount). All plans come with a flexible refund policy, if you're ever unhappy with PostLab for any reasons. Just let us know.

PostLab features

Great for freelancers, marketers, social media agencies or small business owners.

Social media account
Connect multiple Facebook pages or Instagram accounts at once.
Unlimited posts
All your posts and media, of all your pages, in one place.
Content Calendar
Visualize your upcoming content plan with the calendar view. Interact directly on the calendar.
Multiple pages publishing
Quickly publish a post to many Pages at the same time.
Suggested posts
Out of ideas? PostLab will suggest the most popular posts in the past. Get inspired or repost with just a few clicks.
Content category
Organize your posts with categories to manage everything orderly and automatically.
Automated plans
Save more time by automating your categories. PostLab Bot will pick a post, schedule, and publish for you.
Evergreen Content
Content that never gets old. PostLab Bot will order and reuse the post according to the posting plan.
Post scheduler
Automatically publish to multiple accounts at scheduled time. Schedule posts to Facebook albums.
Analytics tools
Analyze performance metrics of all the times the post has been published, on all social accounts.
Find old posts
Past posts are imported to PostLab. Quickly find them by keywords or performance metrics.
Draft posts
Aha moment while on the road? Quickly log into PostLab on any devices and save that idea.
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Automate social media. Spend more time doing things that you love!
Are you managing many pages and having to schedule each post one by one? Want to reuse old posts but too much effort? PostLab will help you solve all of that.
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