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PostLab helps you automate social media marketing. For multiple pages. At once.
Grow your followers, attract new customers. With just 5 minutes a week.

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64% marketers spend more than 6 hours a week for social media marketing

Manage social media manually

(Facebook Business Suite, Facebook Creator Studio, or Direct posting)
People frustrating

Have to schedule each post one by one

When managing multiple pages at the same time, this becomes a "nightmare".

Wasting valuable content

You invest a lot of time and effort into creating a piece of content. But it's not simple to reuse.

Use extra tools like Word and Excel, increase complexity

Just to collaborate with teams or get clients to review.
We've been there before...

PostLab is developed to solve these problems for you. All for 3,000 VND parking fee per day

Let's see how PostLab works

Find new customers, interact with existing one, even when you are busiest

PostLab Content Calendar

Schedule once, post countless times with Content Calendar

Create auto-posting plan for multiple accounts at once. Quick and easy.

Just pick a time range and a category.

PostLab will automatically select post and time to publish weekly, even at your busiest.

PostLab Creative Composer

Write once, post everywhere with Creative Editor

When you find inspiration, just write. And let PostLab take care of organizing posts for the weeks to come.

No copy-paste required — auto-post to all social media accounts in just a few clicks.

Writing in progress but busy? Choose save draft and continue at any time.

PostLab Import

No time to create new content?

PostLab got your back! Quickly find high performing posts in the past, add to pre-made automated plans, and enjoy increased engagement with no extra effort.

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Get more sales, without more effort

Content Category — Manage posts by category

Instead of publishing posts one by one, PostLab will publish by category.

With categories like "Products", "Customer Feedback", your page will look consistent, professional, and have a clear content strategy.

Evergreen Content — Content that never gets old

Want to promote products, run weekly promotions but have to copy-paste the post all the time?

With Evergreen Content, PostLab will automatically repost posts in the category.

"Secret sauce" for your products to reach both old customers who have not seen the post, or new customers who have just followed the page 😉.

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We built PostLab to solve our own problems. Now it's your turn.
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Quickly publish a post to many Pages at the same time

Auto publishing

Auto reuse Evergreen Content posts

Import and reuse posts in the past

Manage posts by categories

Manage multiple social media accounts

Find posts by keyword or engagement metric

Support both Vietnamese and English

With PostLab

You are approaching the secrets of big brands to develop social media

Tip illustration 1
use software to automatically and consistently post

Tip illustration 2
create plan and diversify categories for different days of the week

Tip illustration 3
strategize and plan your content to grow engagement

Automate social media. Spend more time doing things that you love!
Are you managing many pages and having to schedule each post one by one? Want to reuse old posts but too much effort? PostLab will help you solve all of that.
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